"You May See Me Struggle, But You'll Never See Me Quit"

"Wise words put into action as JB 40 puts a close to the classroom portion (whew!) and begins a new venture in the bakery kitchen. We took the final test, Nutrition, today, and needless to say we were a bit anxious, but positive vibes were flowing and we are so relieved now that it's finished!

Performance anxiety is now a thing of the past since everyone did remarkably well on Nutrition presentations. JoJo drew the short straw (haha) and presented to the class first with his "healthier" version of the ever so popular, but normally heavy on the calories, sodium, and pretty much everything else, Jailhouse Burrito. Instead of the classic recipe which consists of ramen noodles, beef jerky, cheese, and flamin' hot Cheetos, JoJo traded out these ingredients and chose ramen noodles, turkey jerky, low-fat cheese, and baked chips.

I chose the heated topic of GMO's (genetically modified organisms-food). Science corner for sure, I'm just happy everyone was still awake when I was done with my presentation. All joking aside, GMO's are (I think) a very interesting topic, and the debate of for or against them is what initially drew me to investigate further.

Finally, Adam presented using powerpoint to educate us on the aspects of Whey protein. The good, the bad, and beyond; whey protein is well known in the weight-lifting or bodybuilding world.

All presentations were wonderfully executed and informative. Yet with us completing them, and having the nutrition test, it is kind of a sad reminder that we will no longer be in the classroom. Appreciation, huge thank yous, and hugs, yes hugs, go out to our classroom instructors, Jaclyn and Zack. We are grateful for this experience and look forward to our next "temporary home" with Sonja and Justin in the kitchen!"


And some highlights from the craziness of the kitchen this week!

Make sure you come into the Storefront tomorrow from 8:00-2:00 and pick up your Just Bakery goodies because we will be closed until Jan. 2 for the holidays!

Happy Holidays from all of us at Just Bakery!

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