Welcome JB 37!

It's that time again: JB 36 has moved to kitchen only, and we have a new class! Demari, the new journalist, will start us out with a little introduction of the experience so far, and then we'll have an introduction for some of the students!

It's ya boy Demari, coming to you with the blog of the week. This first week of class has been very eventful and interesting. Chapter after chapter and quiz after quiz. Me and my team made it though.

At first I didn't know if Just Bakery was going to be the program for me...after about two days I came to a realization that is is where I belong. Since I've been attending JB, I learned a lot about how managers should cope with employees and how employees can have a better relationship with their managers.

Talking about different techniques for motivating employees

Also, I learned about how proper sanitation is a key factor in keeping bacteria and diseases from spreading...please wash your hands after using the bathroom to help prevent these issues. Did you know that a person doesn't have to eat much of a pathogen to get sick? A pathogen is a small microorganism that can be seen with a microscope; many are harmless, some can make you very sick when you eat them, as they produce poisons or toxins that make you sick. For this reason, food handlers diagnosed with illnesses from these pathogens (The Big Six) cannot work in a food service operation while they are sick!

Well, that's all for now folks. Everybody please have a nice day and bare with me..I have never been a blogger before.


Now for some introductions to some of the students:

Let's start with your journalist for this round: Demari

"My name is Demari. I was born and raised in Madison. I spent a lot of my years in Atlanta. I've also lived in New York, Texas, Fl;Florida, Illinois, and Memphis. I am 20 years old. I have a couple family and friends that I jam with. Mostly cousins and I consider my homies like brothers- I'll never leave them. I was motivated to attend Just Bakery because I felt like it would be a great opportunity for me to get my life together and get connected with some great people that are willing to help me achieve my goals in life and further my education. I am a young man that has been through a lot to only be 20. I'm naturally a genuine person that would love to see myself and others succeed. I love music, rapping, traveling, and writing. I can be the best things that happened to you or your worst nightmare and I leave that choice up to you. My life was spent in the streets, living the fast life, growing up too fast. Done seen some crazy things, everybody I lost was to gun violence in the streets. Throughout the years I learned that the street have no king. The streets will always have you in checkmate; you can't beat it. In my future, I see myself being a successful business owner, financially stable with a wife and kids..living like a legal king pin. I've always wanted to attend a university so I plan on making that a reality. Also, I've wanted to open my own supper club business and culinary is my main focus. I also have skills in marketing and graphic design, so I might find secondary careers in those fields."


"My name is Donnie, 37 years old, married with 5 children and stepchildren. I grew up in Madison. I came to Just Bakery from the Dane County Jail so I can get certified and be able to attend MATC's culinary program. I'm very passionate about cooking and know I will do great at it. I struggle with drugs and alcohol and want to put that behind me, but also know I need to be around positive people and programs such as Just Bakery, otherwise challenges will be that much harder. My goal long term is to own and operate a mobile food cart and serve quality, good food to people. I got the inspiration from that from a movie called "Chef". so...come enjoy some of Just Bakery's delicious desserts and breads and help support their wonderful cause. Thanks."


It's been a year since I've been out of the game. I spent all my money. I'm homeless, don't got a ride! I'm not down and out, I got what most people want and it's not money! I got something better, a loving family: people I can count on, my big brother acts like he's my daddy (I thank God for him). I lost my memory and he showed me love. I was in a wheelchair, they said "Son, you will never walk". There was no reason to live, Phil took time off work on weekends. It didn't take long: I started to walk. I couldn't begin to pay him back. My brother said, "I'm here with you. There's always hope." He got me in school. He said, " With time and hard work, you can have anything. F*** selling that stuff." I'm going to try it the right way, so now I'm going hard trying to do things the right way. I don't ask anyone for nothing, I take the hardest way."


I'm Caleb, from Deforest, 18. I was home-schooled all my life and when I was 8 my mom opened a bakery. That place is a big part of my life and it's where I discovered my passion for cooking and a great work ethic. I learned it from my mom; she would work for 12+ hours a day, every day (and still does). My reason fro doing this program is to further my career in the food industry. I've worked with food all my life. I got my "first" job (aka not at the bakery) at McDonald's when I was 16. After 9 months they promoted me to manager, and after that I've been in management at every job I've been at. I want to go to college this year for culinary arts and eventually own my own catering business."

We have a couple more students who we will introduce next week! Check back next Friday to see how the second week treats the students! But real quick, I just want to formally reintroduce Zack! He took the program last year with us and is back now as an employee! Welcome our new Assistant Teacher! He will be starting with teaching ServSafe (this week went extremely well, so it's looking promising!) and before the year is done should be teaching Management!

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