Week Two: Complete!

JB 38's second week has been busy! Finishing up one of the books already and preparing for a test in a week and getting ready to start book number four next week- they're feeling the pressure! Here is Ms. J to tell you a little about the week and then we'll introduce two more of the students!

"Today we did the circle of support everyone checked in on things going on; we all have challenges with getting homework done.  Struggling and juggling 3 books and homework, including quizzes.  We also worked on Math! We're enjoying the class and getting to know everyone, encouraging each other to get the work done. I appreciate the work ethic of the staff and instructors. We're all Dealing with everyday life challenges, however looking forward to coming to class and having the determination to succeed. This program is Great!"

Can you guess what gets the group through the day? Caffeine!!

As I mentioned, we are finishing up a book already on Monday and they will be taking the Management test Friday. There's a lot of nerves and stress trying to figure out how to study for it, but we're working on it! Everyone has stuff going on, from preparing to be released from jail, to finding balance between homework and the real world outside of JB. This curriculum is intense, but it is only a short interruption- this group is highly motivated to make it through and they all want to be successful so I'm optimistic they'll make it through. Next week is definitely where it's going to get heavy, so think happy thoughts!

We've been working on fractions, decimals, and percentages this week for math. I think we finally have it down! Next week we'll introduce some baker's math: measurements and equivalencies!

Moving along well in ServSafe. Playing a lot of games and doing a lot of review! Learned proper handwashing and played some FATTOM bingo!

Nutrition is frustrating everyone, as it does. We're in the first part which are long chapters filled with science- they're powering through though. We'll play some review games and maybe bring out Digestion Dave next week!

Make sure to check back next week to find out how the first test goes! Here are a couple more introductions for the students- this time a look at our journalists for this round!

"Hi, my name is Ms. J. I am a mother of three adult children and have four grandsons. I enjoy cooking, however my passion is baking cakes, cookies, pies, etc. I am a foster parent also. I enjoy serving in the community, volunteering, doing outreach, and bake sale fundraisers."

"What's up y'all? Ya get a chance to know more about a future baker from Chicago. The famous west-side where I grew up on home-cooked food at the church and other family functions. I'm 27 with 1 child, a daughter, and she motivated too. I've always wanted to be a certified boss. I'm an open individual when it come to everything- I try my best to make people laugh but still find myself quiet. My struggles is I sometimes forget why I'm doing something and lose interest. All my joys come from my daughter and watching dreams come to life is the biggest surprises in life. I see myself owning my own food truck, I want to be an owner and a respectable father and man."


Kitchen has been busy! And I got in the kitchen and made some amazing turtle brownies, if I do say so myself! Sonja is quite the instructor!

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