As you know, Just Bakery's classroom has been online since the beginning of April. JB 42 has moved into the kitchen portion this week and we started JB 43 online! Sonja is here to tell you about the kitchen and what we're doing to prevent the spread of COVID, and then Tom will let you know how it's been as a student!

"Well, we’re back in the kitchen. My first week physically at work, in a new world. I have two great students that have started  their time with us before the pandemic. They finished all their classroom portion and passed all their tests, and now we bake. Lots of changes for us, we spent our first day discussing the changes that have been made for reopening of restaurants, and how area restaurants are moving forward. ServSafe and the National Restaurant Association, which is the curriculum we follow, has made guidelines for reopening. Our kitchen and bakery will also be following these guidelines as they pertain to us, along with our own guidelines for what we need to be and feel safe at work. Our classroom and kitchen is now closed off to the public. We love all the visits we get from folks, so I look forward to the day we give tours again. Of course we are all practicing social distancing as best we can  in the line of work we got going on, and we wear masks. We have a limit to the number of people in the kitchen at a time, and we all take our temperatures upon arrival. Now the dust is settling a bit, and we are getting adjusted. 

It was great to get back to baking. I was a bit concerned about having too much product and not enough sales, BUT what an amazing community we have that supports us. On Thursday we had orders coming in online every 15 minutes throughout the day. Ahhhhhh feels GREAT to be back!! "


"I am truly excited at this moment as Nathan and myself are almost done completing our Just Bakery course, which I do encourage people to look up on the internet to find out what it is all about on our website! Now we are at the hands on stage learning how to commercial bake products and recipes that are very delicious in their resulted product. But I am also excited to go and sell some of these products if we get to do that this round (they'll be helping the curbside pickups on Saturday, so be sure to wave from the car windows!). Personally I really like it here, because I can be me as I learn about myself and getting ready to do learn this new skill set. I have gained confidence in myself as well as gained additional family members in Just Bakery. I have never in my life felt so apart of something that is bigger than me. Thank you MUM for creating something so good in our community, and thank you to Miss Carmella Glenn for being there to support us!"

A huge shout-out to our community for the support you guys have given us! We had our call answered for homes for all our cookies and we really appreciate it! Also a shout out to Traci for the backpacks! We hand out a lot of supplies to our students so the backpacks are a huge help! If you are interested in donating, please let us know at justbakery@emum.org!

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