The Final Stretch!

Updated: Feb 22

Wow, JB 41 has made it to the end goal: one week away from the final tests! Just one more week remains after this and then its all kitchen and on to the next class!

JB 41 has been having lots of fun experimenting with new and different recipes, and this week has been no different! In the kitchen this week they convinced Sonja it was time to make butter pecan cookies! They were melt in your mouth delicious, and with a few more adjustments, perhaps you will see them soon at our sales.

They also got to make some dutch apple bread, cut some dough and put together the UW order. And if you can't tell from the chocolate smiley on Dizzy, they made tons of brownies. It has been a pretty busy week in the kitchen!

They both passed their Supervision tests with flying colors which puts them at passing 3 of the 5 tests!!! We spent the week preparing for our Cost and Management tests -fingers crossed they will pass those as well!

We have a couple folks to are preparing for release in the upcoming weeks which means nailing down housing and employment. In class, we've been working on interview skills building up to mock interviews on Monday. We also had a guest speaker come in to answer questions about taxes: shout out to Diana!

Can't believe JB 41 is about to wrap up in the classroom, and looking forward to the start of JB 42 on March 2!!

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