Tests! Tests! Tests!

Hey everyone! It's Shawnna coming through with the highlights of this week. We had a test this week: Supervision! We did very good for test scores which is very exciting!

We had fun in the kitchen this week Thursday (closed Tuesday for the weather). We made two different quick breads: lemon poppyseed and blueberry vanilla. It was sooooo good! We also learned how to make sugar cookies: Thanks Sonja!

Pulling the lemon poppyseed quick breads to cool

Blueberry Vanilla...yummmm

The infamous Sonja selfie! Gotta make inventory stuff interesting some how!

Jan, our tutor for Cost, has been coming here to help us which is super awesome since we take the test for cost Monday! A lot of stress, but we're holding it together nicely. After the Cost test Monday we will only have...ServSafe!

Labor Cost!

Working hard studying Cost with Tutor Jan!

We have been working on our Nutrition presentations as well. I'm doing mine on the Halal diet. I am currently on the Halal diet which is basically not eating pork or alcohol. It is really amazing how not eating pork helps my body!

Emily, one of our interns, got us started on our resumes and I have a draft that printed so far. We are also going to write our cover letters. Shout out to Peyton (other intern) for helping me with my resume!

Interns Peyton and Emily

Today we took our pre-test for Cost. So ready to study more so I can ACE this test! Well, thanks for tuning in and have a wonderful day!


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