Taste of Madison Prep!

Just another week over here at Just Bakery! We are taking part in the Taste of Madison this year so we are in preparation of our treats! Booth 49!

First up, we have our Blue Moon and Sugar Ice Cream sandwiches- as you know, we collaborated with #SassyCowCreamery earlier this year to bring you these amazing treats. We have chosen their Blue Moon ice cream because it combines perfectly with our decadent sugar cookies (although we do sell a variety of combinations through the Storefront for Success).

It wouldn't be the Taste if we didn't have our award-winning #TurtleBrownies! We placed for the second year in a row with these, and if you haven't had them yet, you are missing out! This has been my mission all week- mastering the turtle brownies! Made them start to finish (so Instructor Sonja, I think I'm ready to move out of the creaming method now...XD). It was rough balancing my kitchen studies with my Classroom Instructor duties, but I made it through thanks to the support (and cleaning) of the production crew! These things are a beast!

Last but not least, we have to represent with our Cranberry Oatmeal cookies. They're just so tasty. And healthy because there is oatmeal in them!

We had an amazing turn-out for our Information Session on Tuesday. We have contacted the 12 chosen ones and look forward to working with you guys in September!

A group of MUM staff also went to Delancey Street in San Francisco to learn how they have been so successful for the last 50 years. It was an amazing experience and I cannot wait to see how MUM utilizes some of those ideas and components in our campus model! for more on our bakery or how to keep updated leave a follow on instagram and facebook @mumjustbakery!

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Just Bakery is a part of Madison-area Urban Ministry. 
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