Spring Has Arrived!

This week has been, predictably, super busy! The students have completed their first month of the program! Next week they will start in the kitchen two days a week, which is always a nice reprieve from the heavy class book-work. Though, as the classes before them have learned, Rose and Reggie will also find out very quickly that time management is still extremely important!

Reggie role-playing a Manager with one of the interns

We had our first exam this week-Management- which was very successful! Having the first test down is always a relief because now they know what to expect question wise, and it's a confidence boost that they can do this! And then the ServSafe midterm to bring them back down to Earth..

On top of everything else this week, we are hosting a fantastic event tomorrow in the Storefront for Success. We have collaborated with Sassy Cow Creamery and they will be using some of our products in our own flavor of ice cream! We are also providing them with the cookies for their amazing ice cream sandwiches. This is going to be a magnificent, tasty experience!

We are also debuting some of our new menu items for the spring. Sonja has been a busy little bee mastering recipes for Knekkebrod (a Norwegian crisp bread full of heart healthy seeds, oats, and rye), and Kringle! We will also be swapping out some of our fall flavors for more spring-y tastes. We are taking a note from the flowers poking through the less frozen ground and it is time to bloom!

Make sure you come by tomorrow! The event will be 10:00-2:00 at 1704 Thierer Rd, Madison, WI 53704. There is some parking available in our lot, but we have additional parking across the street and next door in the Klinke lot. There will be samples, plenty of items to purchase, and Tyrees from the kitchen will have a stand selling some non-bakery items so get out, enjoy the sunshine, and support a great program!

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