Self-Love, Nutrition Presentations, and Large Orders!

"It was an eventful week here at Just Bakery. We ended last week with a grief group and some intense, deep grief counseling. To offset that, we packed this week with many fun activities.

For our Wellness group on Wednesday, we made lists of our top 10 self- love rules. Then we made our own face masks with avocados, oatmeal, and bananas. Consequently, the whole class was walking around with a creamy green goop on their face.

On Friday, we did our long-anticipated Nutrition presentations. After learning about eating a rainbow, the Hindu diet, and the science behind tastes and flavors, we made our own spinach, rice, chickpea bowls and sun-dried tomato hummus.

In the kitchen, we spent a lot of time assembling our long-awaited Valentine’s baskets. We put a lot of love into bagging and decorating them, including hand-dipping and boxing little truffles for the baskets.

There were also a lot of events this week! Besides Valentine's Day baskets, we also got ready for the #danebuylocal Coffee Fest event, by making Keto blueberry muffins and Keto bacon cheddar muffins. We learned how to bake and decorate scones this week and are looking forward to being super busy next week preparing a large order for a talent show at one of the state’s women's prisons. And we were so excited to be a part of the #culinaryladiescollective cookie boxes! We made and individually packed 650 of our fantastic sugar cookies.


JB 41 is approaching the end of the classroom portion! Can't believe how the time has flown- they're wrapping up Cost and Supervision and Management- tests coming soon!!

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