Q: Why was the baker in a panic? A: He was in a loaf or death situation

Monday,what a day! We talked bout competing franchise restaurants such as Mcdonalds and Wendy's I honestly feel like McDonald's fries are the bomb, also I teased Jackie a lot about being a secret vegan even though if you know Jackie She is far from Vegan. Wednesday was very important we learned about Time Management cause me being 25 it gets very uneasy trying to manage your time on things that are spiraling out of control like a train wreck, it made me realize that we choose to not make time because we spent time in other places we may not have needed such as TV, & Video Games. Priorities come first!

#StayPositive and #DrinkWater :)

Thursday was a real big flashback for me I got to meet Derek a peer support specialist who was incarcerated in the same location as me going through the same struggles and to be in such a good position it gave me serious hope! But my favorite part about Thursdays is when Jan comes in and teaches us copping skills its super appreciated the work she does with helping us get back into the people we were meant to be and breaking those old habits we choose to bare.

Unfortunately I wasn't there to crack any jokes with the class and Jackie as i will be taking a job, I just wanna thank everyone you guys made a huge impact on my life and feel that I have gained some serious tools i can utilize in the future -Corvelle

Friday We finished Management Chapter 10 which means we start ServSafe Monday!

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