Our Little JB 37: All Grown Up!

Yo yo yo! Mari Marvv is back in action with the blog tactics! Sadly its our last week in the classroom ad we are moving into the kitchen full time. Our team had to do a fairly difficult task in the kitchen , that was making the laminated croissant dough with the three folds! Man listen, you got to be very gentle with the dough. Don't want no holes going through the dough. Make the dough into rectangles with the rollers, smack them bad boys in the cooler, then take them out and roll again! The whole process takes forever and is pretty repetitive, but we did pretty good for being rookies, ya dig?!

We haven't got any complaints on anything we've made so far and that just brings a smile to my face, even though I naturally always smile!

Oh yeah, we also made peanut butter brownies- omg they smelled so good it made me want to eat the air! 'm not really into eating sweets but I do enjoy making them!

In class, I did a Nutrition presentation on the soy allergen. I chose this topic because it's a very common allergen. I learned that most children, infants, and toddlers inherit it, sometimes its outgrown by the age of three or at least the age of ten. If not, it's carried on to adulthood and can be very uncomfortable for people to have. Did you know that soy can be in soaps and moisturizers? I didn't know, and now you know if you didn't already! Mari Marvv will be back with the blogs in the upcoming weeks! Let's go Just Bakery!!

-Mari Marvv

The other nutrition presentations were on Riboflavin- Caleb talked to us about how exposure to light can break down this and other nutrients which is why milk cartons are obaque! He also read that if you leave milk in the sun, the nutrients start decomposing and the flavor changes...and then he drank one that was out for three hours vs one that was in the fridge and we all tried to not gag. Luckily, he is ServSafe certified and knows that it was still in the ok range and since he is not a high-risk population he would be ok.

Donnie wrote a summary of his:

"I did my presentation based on obesity and healthy subsitutes for children. From 2000-2016 there was a 3.5% increase in childhood obesity. Lack of physical activities and over portioning and over eating are mostly at fault. Fresh fruits, snacks with little amounts of saturated and trans fats, and baked food instead of fried foods can help your child maintain healthy weight and add more essential nutrients and vitamins while also lowering the risk of cardiovascular problems and of developing type 2 diabetes!"

Santrie showed us how we can incorporate the MyPlate components on a budget! He went through a couple tricks like sticking to a list, buying frozen or canned goods which are cheaper and still nutritious. He also walked through a couple quick and easy recipes that follow the MyPlate recommendations.

Great job guys! They were really informative!

We also had visitors from Short Stack Eatery Monday to talk to the students about the process of starting a business. I know I got a lot from it and I think the students did too! Thanks Alex and Sinead!

This was the last classroom day! Next week they go to the kitchen only portion, and on July 8 our next group starts! It's not too late if you want to get in on the action! Stop in next week Tuesday, Wednesday, or Friday to talk to us about the program and fill out an application!

Oh and side note: our wonderful Coordinator Carmella Glenn came in 3rd in a Minute Pitch competition at Starting Blocks One Year Birthday Bash! How she fit all the stuff about our program in one minute is amazing to me! I don't have any pics of the actual event (check our FB page for those!) but I do have this awesome one of me and Sonja repping!

And I'll leave you with that! Have a great weekend!

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