One Subject Down Two To Go!

"Anxiety and anticipation filled the classroom during our third week. Why do you ask? Well, class 40 had the first of three exams on Wednesday. While we still studied for the management exam on our own, in the classroom, to help make learning "fun" Michelle made a matching game of the keywords (all 10 chapters).

Not only was this for studying, but also for team building. One thing we learned in management is that there are four stages of the team-building process. The first is "Forming", which involved us in our first two weeks (getting to know each other, picking up one another vibe). The second is "Storming", where the differences (like ways of studying) between us became evident, but I think we are approaching the "Norming" phase. We are beginning to flow as a group, which will be highly beneficial for the "Performing" stage when we hit the kitchen in a few weeks. Speaking of which, we got to experience a feel for the kitchen on Wednesday. For a ribbon-cutting ceremony, the bakers were making mini cupcakes with tiny red ribbons. Since everything needed to be to perfection, attention to detail was a must. Trial and error?

Yes, but once we gained our confidence in what we were doing, our work paid off and hopefully the customers were pleased with the finished product.

Our first weekend of Sunday sales was amazing! Interacting with church patrons and being the faces of Just Bakery are just a couple of motivators to help keep us on track. Round two and different locations are what's in store for us this weekend. Happy Thanksgiving from class 40! " - Robin

(left) Zack The Assistant Instructor and (right) Mari, a former student

We had a past student stop in and give the class a few words about what its been like outside of Jail & The Bakery, he's got a job now and is doing really well it was good for the future class to get a glimpse of past students struggles. It was very beneficial; I think it gives the students a sense of motivation, as well as hope for the future! Thanks, everyone for reading this week's blog we hope you follow the Instagram and Facebook Page to keep up to date with everything bakery related! Hope you got your Thanksgiving pies ordered for next week ;)



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