One More Test to Go!

Hey, it's Shawnna checking in. This week was a lot for us, starting with the disappearance of one of our classmates. I'm not sure exactly what happened-he was doing really well in the class and seemed to be enjoying it, but he will not be returning for this class. Hopefully he comes back when he is released this summer!

In the kitchen this week we learned how to make brownies, scones, cookies, and we did our recipes for our Nutrition final presentations.

Scones before the oven

Post-baking. So delicious!

I did my presentation on the Halal diet. I made a poster and for food, I made Halal Jello. My jello did not have gelatin in it because that comes from pigs, so I substituted it for Agar Agar powder. It came out good and my presentation went well!

Gelatin free Strawberry Kiwi jello (ignore the Thanksgiving napkins, just trying to use them up!)

Jatziry can tell you a bit about her presentation: "My presentation was on eating gluten-free. I learned about the good and bad of gluten and gluten-free diets. Gluten-free food helps people with Celiac disease remain safe from symptoms. The bad is that you have to use replacer ingredients so there may be an off taste. I made gluten-free sugar cookies which came out great! The texture and taste was a little different from the sugar cookies we make here at JB."

They've used the big mixer, but the little one is a different story! Luckily, Tyrees was there to help!

Shawnna again! We went to a service fair this week as well. We met with a lot of different resources from around Dane County and ate some really good food. They talked about what each provider consists of and how to get involved with them. It was really informative.

We took the ServSafe pretest and I believe we are both ready to ace the test Monday! I took the Cost test this week and passed! Surprising but I am feeling accomplished; thanks to Jackie and everyone for believing in me!

Well, that's all for this week. Tune in next week for another recap! Thanks for reading!

-Shawnna and Jatziry

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