Love, Patience, and Muscle

This week was definitely busy! We finally got into the kitchen and what an experience that was. I personally have gained an enormous amount of respect for Sonja and bakers world wide. Baking at a commercial level is very labor intensive! It requires precise attention to detail. It is a very delicate job that requires an extreme amount of love, patience, and muscle.

As a team, we produced 800 cookies-half cranberry oatmeal and half sugar. Some were for UW to serve and a lot we just scooped to size and froze the dough to be used at a later date.

We also learned the basics of pie making and how to make knekkebrod-a #norwegian flatbread.

We dipped a lot of chocolate walnut biscotti into the chocolate and packaged them for sale.

The days were long but the time flew by as there was a lot to get done.

We also presented our food truck presentations for ServSafe and took a ServSafe midterm. We are learning a ton of new information from both our nutrition and our ServSafe textbooks and are doing our best to retain the knowledge we are acquiring.

We had a very exciting addition to our classroom: our class pet, Minnie! Minnie is a #sourdough starter. We have to feed and water her every day and she is growing and very stinky.

All in all it was a great week and we are looking forward to what next week brings!


Make sure you are following us on Facebook for updates on our #fundraiser! We have announced some of our Madison Council competitors and will continue to announce and introduce you to our competitors from Just Bakery and the Madison Police Department! To make things more interesting, you can place your bets on which contestant you think is going to win. The person who gets the most pledges gets an hour to train with Pig in a Fur Coat's head chef, Daniel Bonanno to help prepare for the competition- so make sure to vote!! You can check it out here!

We also have some of our silent auction items listed and gathering more every day! We are accepting donations for our fundraiser until October 27- if you would like to donate, contact Carmella: All donations are tax-deductible!

We are still looking to hear folks favorite #winterflavors in the comments below! We are well into our fall menu but need to start preparing now for our winter products, so make sure to let us know!

Talk to you next week!

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