Love and Passion

JB 37 has been working really hard in the classroom portion keeping up on homework and reading all the chapters- especially hard with the long Controlling Cost chapters this week- and they finally get to break up the book-learning with the hands on kitchen portion two days a week! In the classroom we are still trucking along trying to get through the books and prepare for the tests. We've only got three more weeks before they go kitchen only! They are working through Cost with our tutor Jan and are now starting to plan their big presentations for Nutrition. ServSafe is still rolling along and Supervision will be the next test in about a week.

Jan is a great Cost tutor, we are so lucky to have her!

And now for Demari to tell you about the first week in the kitchen:

"What's crackalackin ya'll?! Mari Marvv at your service! This week has been real good..on the real, Tuesday me and my class started in the kitchen with Sonja. She was teaching us all the fundamentals about baking and what goes on in JB's kitchen. We baked some oatmeal cranberry cookies for the first challenge. Overall they came out lovely, but some were too flat because the butter was too warm so the cookies started to biggie, they were still delicious (plus the class gets to eat the ugly items).

On Thursday we worked in the kitchen and stepped up our game and baked lemon poppyseed let me tell ya'll- they were a hit! Those muffins came out looking better than Rhianna..for real.

After that we made cranberry orange bread. We squeezed all of the juice from the oranges with our hands..literally fresh squeezed to its full potential!

A wise woman told me that cooking and baking requires love and passion: you got to put your soul in them cookies young grasshopper! It's a big different between baking and baking with love, so don't half bake anything in our kitchen, ya hear me?! Or you will have to face the great Mari Marvv!

To let ya'll know, we are the rookies of the year and we came here to win, we ain't come to play no games.

That's all for now. I'm looking forward to getting back in the kitchen with Sonja next week, she's the real MVP and a great teacher!"

-Mari Marvv

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