Lookin' Good in There!

What's good readers of this blog! How's it going? You know Mr. Mari Marvv is back at it with the lovely blog!

On Tuesday we had a cookie day, literally we made cookies all day long! Roughly we made about 2000 cookies total. We made chocolate chip, sugar, ginger molasses, oatmeal, and then a special batch for Sassy Cow- those were the chocolate with white chocolate chips in them. They are also not as big as the regular batches we made- they're slightly smaller because they get filled with Sassy Cow's amazing ice cream for ice cream sandwiches!

Make sure to come in to the Storefront to buy these awesome ice cream sandwiches! $10/4 pack!

Sadly, on Wednesday, I wasn't able to attend class and ended up missing the making of the spectacular sourdough and multigrain loaves Caleb and Santrie made. I can tell you that I heard it was a very long process and various methods were used in the making of it...

Sonja- can you elaborate? "All the yeast doughs that we make require several fermentation processes. They also require hand kneading and shaping and special time in the "tropical environment" called the proofer. Once it goes in the oven it also gets a flash of steam and heat before it bakes for the nice crunchy crust."

You may notice the change in our sourdough: we've gone to boules! They look so pretty and slice to the perfect sandwich size!

Santrie is a little tall for kneading on our table and needs to make some adjustments...

Today, as in Friday, we made pretzel crust brownies (aka our Turtle Brownies) and Lemon Poppyseed Muffins. I feel like when it comes to making brownies and muffins we tend to be very professional! The batches just come out so lovely- it's super awesome, ya dig?!

You guys have got to come to the Storefront for Success on Saturdays and purchase some of our products! I'll be there this weekend 8:00-2:00 and it would put an even bigger smile on my face to talk to our supporters!

That's all for this weeks blog folks. Hope you guys enjoyed it! Peace!

-Mari Marvv

JB 38 starts next week! Demari will continue to keep us posted on JB 37's kitchen shenanigans while the new class journalist will take over the classroom. Thanks for reading and hope you had a wonderful holiday this week!

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