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Making it through week two, class 40 was starting serv safe, resume building, bakers math, and stress management with Anesis. ServSafe is looking very interesting and absolutely beneficial, not just or working in a restaurant/food service environment, but for being a patron at a diner, or taking a vacation on a cruise ship, or even being a patient in a hospital. Ever hear of "Typhoid Mary"? She made a name for herself while working as a nurse and distributing the bacterial illness typhoid fever to her patients. Typhoid fever is caused by the pathogen Salmonella typhi, which only lives in humans. carrying the bacteria in the bloodstream & intestinal tract, it only takes a small amount of the bacteria to make a person sick. Hearing this, and learning about the many other types of foodborne illnesses, might make one notice things like the importance of proper handwashing, cleaning and sanitizing, cooking food to correct temperatures, and buying food from reputable sources.

While some of us might have resumes, it never hurts to get them freshened up or just start from scratch and build a resume that will help us move forward in the career world by selling what we have- experienced, skills, accomplishments- we are "selling that brand"-ourselves!

Bakers Math consists of converting measurements and a refresher course on fractions.

joke of the day "Did you know that five out of four people have difficulty with fractions?" -Adam Berry :) While it might have felt complicated, it's amazing what one's mind remembers once getting in doing math after years of not.

Having Anesis (Trauma/Group therapy) is a great way to bring us back to ourselves and help not get overwhelmed by life around us. It's a big step going through Just Bakery, a life changer for each of us. Anesis introduced an activity to help keep us "in the moment" and calm our overall beings by using our five senses to create our own personal safe space, a meditation activity any one of us can do whatever we may feel ourselves losing control from stress factors in our lives. The effect on one's body and mind after such mindful meditation is amazing. The mind is clear, and the body calm. This Weekend is our first experience at Bakery Sales. Wish us Luck!

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"I am Adam Berry. I am from Marinette Wisconsin. I have three wonderful children. A four-year-old son, Roczen, a 10-year-old son, Benji, and a 15-year-old daughter, McKenzie. My hobbies and interests include motocross, music, and football. I struggle with addiction, but I am very determined to no longer have that as part of my life. I plan to be diligently proactive in bettering myself. Just bakery is my starting point in my plan to do so. I am also a super faithful 49 fan. my biggest fear is frogs."

"My name is JOJO I have 4 brothers that keep me going and everything I do will be for them there my motivation!"

In the kitchen, the last class has been absolutely killing it! The kitchen instructor is Blessed & Proud of the work they have been doing. They are fast learners, motivated, and great team members Justin even used the terms "Fantastic" and did a "great job on the Morning Buns"

words from Sonja (Kitchen Instructor ) "They Slayed the kitchen" "my little birdies have wings" and "soon they'll be flying away" This Is The New Seasonal Item Is Gonna Be Showing Up Soon Stay Tuned @Mumjustbakery

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