Knowledge Empowers!

"This has been really packed with a lot of different kinds of learning experiences. We completed our management book and final test (4/6 passed!!!).

We dove right into our ServSafe book and got through Chapter 4 this week. We will be forever changed by all the sickening facts we learned about safe food handling practices, foodborne illnesses, and how fast bacteria can multiply on food. As sickening as it was at some points, the knowledge will empower us to take preventative measures in our own daily lives as we feed ourselves and those we love.

We received our Nutrition books and begin to explore this new knowledge over the weekend.

We are reluctantly trudging through math- completing our third packet this week and gaining practical math skills and confidence as we go.

We had a lot of informative and interesting visitors this week including Anesis, our dear friend Jan, and The Madison Brain Center.

Anesis therapists Cliff and Kianna taught us about how trauma and past issues can effect our thinking and how that, in turn, affects our behavior. We did a lovely relaxing guided meditation led by the soothing voice of Kianna, which is part of our mindfulness education.

Jan gave us a test to help us learn about what values are most important to us in our lives and how this can impact our relationships with those close to us.

Judy and Cathy from the Brain Center of Madison brought us yummy pizza and a very eye-opening presentation about brain neurofeedback therapy. This therapy is used to help retrain the brain and helps the brain heal or rewire from trauma and a lot of other conditions as well. They graciously invited us to their office to try out the treatment.

All in all, we are really learning an enormous amount of information on a very wide variety of informative topics. Personally, I can't wait to see what next week will bring."


Do you love Just Bakery and want to know what you can do to help support us? We have a fundraiser coming up this year that will be a blast! We are collaborating with Madison College for location and food and we are doing a culinary competition! Competitors will be Madison Councilman, Police Officers, and our students- it's on! There will be three rounds of apps, entrees, and desserts in a "Chopped" style. We will also have a raffle with some amazing prizes (I'm talking private cooking classes with some of Madison's best chefs!) Buy your tickets here today!

Last week we had some technical difficulties, so please enjoy a couple pictures from last week!

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