Kicking Off Week 1

Updated: Mar 7

Wow-what an exciting, yet education filled week! The new class got to learn about each other through various team-building exercises such as Solve The Puzzle (taking a picture and having them each draw one section and then place them together) and Character Matching (each person has to ask yes or no questions about the other persons character to help match with there character, for example, batman and robin). These help them get more comfortable talking, engaging, and interacting with each other which in turn will help them become a better team!

In addition to getting to know each other better, they are also getting to know the many different aspects of MUM- Janie came in to talk to them about the Peer program, and John came in to talk with them on the importance of social support and how they can get that through the Circles of Support program! And of course, we have started the material-they are well on their way through Nutrition and ServSafe.

Here's A Little More About Some Of Our Students:


"Hi my name is Tom, and I am a 48-year-old former Marine from Bellevue Illinois. The people who are an impact on my life are my ex-boyfriend that no matter what I went through he was always there supporting me, my dad, no matter how embarrassing the issue you could always talk to him. My mom is one person that I know that has a kind and loving attitude and you can tell this from her voice. I am trying to keep an open mind on any and all issues on a daily basis, this also included my attitude towards getting my anxiety not from medication but through medication. I almost forgot a few more relatives. That is my brother Douglas and his two beautiful children. Very smart and I am very proud of this accomplishment. They grow up so fast. The eldest is just started high school. The surprise in my life was that I was diagnosed with H.I.V on September 11th. I don't live with H.I.V, it lives with me. But I do feel good about who I am and I embrace what I choose in life and doing my best to correct it as much as I can and proud of what I have accomplished in the meantime. Thank You for your time in reading this, I do appreciate it."


"I have a great supporting family but I'd just rather get help from my self or outside of the family. My struggles are struggling to ask for help, as well as spelling and reading.

I love helping others and learning! I'm working on being a better person for me and I've been

best described as a sporty, nerdy, street guy, if you will. I'm doing my best to work with specific people to help me get out of the streets and be real with myself about who I am. I struggle with a lot but each day I'm working to get better at whatever is holding me back."


Hi, I'm Nathan. I was born and raised in Fort Atkinson, Wi 45 years ago in January of 1975. My mom and my father raised me to be a worker and my mom wanted me to get a great education so she worked extra hard to send me to a private Christian school when I was young. Trouble was, I had a hard time making good choices, and I never really learned to grow up emotionally. I went through my teen years with my father out the picture, for the most part, got older, got married with all my baggage intact. I struggled with rage and anger issues and depression and some other issues and finally blew up that marriage with a 5-year-old daughter. We broke up and I moved away. I married a second wife with even more baggage on my back from the first marriage and a relationship in between. I went to jail twice in 2011/2012 and had taken up drinking, as a way to pass time to boot. I went to jail for the 3rd time in 2015 which ended up with me in prison in 2017. My second marriage ended while I was in prison, but I was learning about myself and starting to take my faith seriously for once. Now I'm 2.5 months out of prison and working on rebuilding life in a whole new way. I'm trusting Jesus, leaning on my church family and my new friends at Just Bakery and MUM, and working on my goals of education in the culinary arts and learning to build relationships. Someday with what I'll learn here, I'll go o to get my culinary degree at MATC then build on that toward my dream. Maybe I can even get married again, we'll see. I'm just happy to be fine and growing up-better late than never!

Check back next week to meet the rest of the class!

Last week we had some technical difficulties, so here is JB 41's last blog!

Holding Back Tears

“So it's our last week in the classroom, and we move on with a heavy heart. We passed all 5 of our exams, and are excited moving forward to strictly working in the kitchen.

We needed our last classroom day with an activity where each color of M&M we were given, we had to write a prompt for that color.

For example, blue- sincere compliment, red- something we're looking forward to, brown- favorite memory moment, green- how we are going to apply wellness to our life.

Needless to say it was a pretty tear jerking moment and we were left with wet eyes and full hearts. Moving into the kitchen full time might actually be more sad than I once thought.”

The students also got to have a fun day in the kitchen in which they made king cakes using their own ingredients, it seemed to be a good break from the long week of orders they powered through."

As we prepare for the next class, we are so proud of JB 41's hard work, creativity, and desire to try new things; it sure did add a spice to the class!

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