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There were some technical difficulties with the blog, so here it (finally) is!

"With week 3 drawing to a close, JB 41 is on the right track to new beginnings and productive changes. We are already halfway through with Nutrition, and we took our first midterm (which everyone passed! Yay!). To help prepare for said exam the class played Jeopardy-Nutrition Style” … We look forward to the second half of nutrition and we will conclude with nutrition presentations!

We are still plugging through ServSafe, and this week we learned proper handwashing and overall good hygiene practice-while its definitely necessary in the kitchen, the tools we're learning can be put to use in our everyday lives as well. This being said, we are also currently working on ServSafe related projects in which we each have our own Food Service Business (catering or mobile unit). We get to show our creativity with a menu and provide specific layouts of our kitchens to help build our knowledge of what we’re learning and place ourselves in real-world situations regarding owning your own business.

This week also brought us together as a group, as we did, any group activities. One interesting activity we did was to make salads and then had to describe the nutrients involved. Everyone is doing so well, and trying their best every day we’re here.

This weekend, we will be participating in production (kitchen) and helping with Sunday sales at area churches.

On a side note this week I fell and broke my ribs (thank you Wisconsin weather) but I’m resilient, and yes I’ll be okay! Paul, Howard, and I will no longer be attending Just Bakery until further notice, but we are grateful for the experience! Have a great weekend, and come see us at Sunday Sales to see what Just Bakery is about and we can tempt you with our tasty treats!"


We are sad to see all the men in the group go, but they are off to work or handle important happenings in their lives!

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