JB 39!!!

Happy Friday! We will have two journalists this round telling you about the shenanigans we're getting up to in JB- Danielle will be taking the first round! She'll talk about how the first week has been and then we'll do some introductions to the new students.

"Well its definitely been an exciting first week here in our Just Bakery class. this week has been jam-packed with fun team building activities to get to know each other better. We had lots of guests visit and present a lot of interesting information (gotta love Jan and her slime!).

As a class we have made it halfway through our Hospitality and Restaurant Management book, which at times seemed a bit tedious.

We've met an array of wonderful people including interns, Anesis Counseling, our Peer Support workers and caseworkers to name a few. The group really seems to be bonding well and, in my opinion, works well together!"

And now for some introductions to the students!

"My name is Shaun, I'm from Mississippi. I have three children, all girls. I moved to Wisconsin in 2015 for better job opportunities. I have always loved to cook, which is what motivated me to try Just Bakery. I've only worked in one restaurant in my whole life. Hands down, worst experience of my life. I enjoy cooking for family and friends, but not large groups of random people. I would rather be an electrician. My favorite city is Seattle, WA. That is where I plan on moving once I finish this program."

"Hello, my name is Daphnie. I was born and raised in Shelby, Mississippi. I'm 31 years old. I have several amazing supportive family/friends. My motivation is my family. What motivates me to join Just Bakery is because I want more experience with different foods. I love to cook and also bake. I am a strong, confident, independent, out-going, down to earth, and motivated individual. I struggle with anxiety, PTSD, Depression. My joys are music, singing, and family. Also accomplishing my goals. I love to help people in need. I'm a CNA of the state of Wisconsin. In the future I see a lot of positive things occurring like getting my degree for RN."

"My name is Angel. I am from Milwaukee, WI and I am 38 years old. My sister and my brother are most important because we have a very close relationship. I heard about Just Bakery through Tammi at Shelter from the Storm Ministry and it sounded very interesting. I struggle with not having my own home for my son. My joys are my kids. I want to own my own business like a food truck or maybe even a bakery food truck. I am friendly and sometimes an outgoing person. "

"My name is Shawntelle but I prefer to be called Shawny. I am 28 years old and I have an 11 year old son. I have 6 younger siblings, the youngest being 7. I'm only close to two of them. My mom, dad, and I are very close as well. They are what motivated me to come to Just Bakery. I struggle with PTSD and Depression which leads to stress and anxiety. My patience for certain situations is thin. My joys in life are being a mom and being able to play a very active roll in my three beautiful nieces lives. I love to camp and almost everything that goes with it. I"m still not sure what the future has in store for me but I'm excited for a new journey. Through all my ups and downs I always try my hardest to make a way. Right now the only way is up for me. Just Bakery is only the beginning. I've had my fair share of trauma in my life and I've fought through some and survived a few. I'm here to strive, to succeed, and to finish something I didn't think I could ever do."

"My name is Jason, and I am a father of a 3 going on 4 year old little boy. I am a very family oriented person. I came to Just Bakery for some structure, slow some things down, and as a stepping stone to further myself and my knowledge. Really doing all these things in life to accomplish my major objective and this is to move to Norway as soon as possible."

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