JB 35 Enters the Kitchen!

We at Just Bakery are trying to get all of our online activities in one location so it makes it easier for everyone to follow. First was getting our online ordering transferred to this site: mission accomplished! Our next task is getting our blog here instead of our separate page: mission progressing!

Our blog is written primarily by our students so our readers can really get a feel for what it's like to be a participant in the Just Bakery program. The students apply for the "Journalist" position when they begin in the program and then write a weekly blog on what's been going on in class. It's a great way to keep tabs on what they're learning! Shawnna has been our journalist this round, but we have a guest journalist this week, Kiel, to tell you about their first week in the kitchen!

"This week at Just Bakery was so fun! We got to actually make muffins for the first time! Working in the kitchen was a big change from the classroom. Shawnna had fun making muffins, as did I, Kiel. There was a new element of teamwork to accomplish baking the recipes for the day. We made two batches: blueberry and cranberry-orange walnut. We are appreciative that we have a knowledgeable instructor in the kitchen.

This is my first time baking, though I have enjoyed cooking in the past, so I am applying myself to make the best of the opportunity.

Peyton and Emily, our interns here, are usually quite busy keeping up with classroom case management. They have been helping us primarily this week with taxes and Emily has started talking to us about employment."

First day in the kitchen is an introduction to weight vs volume, differences in the products and the effects in baking, and learning where everything is as well as using tools!

The students are going to be putting together their resumes this week with Emily, and then we'll talk cover letters!

In addition to starting the kitchen, they also took another test: Nutrition. When asked how that experience was, Shawnna responded, "It was pretty good for what I was expecting" and Kiel said,"Really good." They are also flying through the last month in the classroom! They will be taking their Supervision test on Monday, then Cost a week after that, Nutrition presentations in two weeks, and ServSafe at the end of the month. When asked how they were feeling about how the program so far, Shawnna said, " Feeling good" and Kiel said, "Accomplished. I've seen some legitimate rock solid results from putting myself into the books day and night."

From top left: Students playing an acronym matching game to help study Supervision and then making Job Aids

This program does not mess around! We put about a semesters worth of work into 2 months (third month is kitchen only, which is still worth 2 credits qualified as an internship). These guys have been working hard on the material, and also themselves!

Check back next week to see how Supervision goes, and what they learn in the kitchen!

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