It's Already Been a Month?

"Wassup guys! Ya favorite blogger Mari Marvv is back in action! I do apologize for not being able to join you guys last week, I had some technical difficulties going on...anyways, this week has been pretty eventful. I've been playing catch up on homework for the days I missed, plus the other work we get everyday... I still managed to pass most quizzes though, so that's a thumbs up!

Big ups to Carmella and James Morgan for coming through discussing life and communication skills with us. I appreciate the helpful advice that you guys give us.. I really do listen, I'm definitely a big fan of trying to be a better version of me...I'll take any wisdom and knowledge I can get.

Catch me at the church on the east side (Trinity Lutheran) this Sunday, selling our tasty products in the good name of God!...laughing but very serious."

-Mari Marvv

The group has just completed week 4, which means next week they are in the kitchen! All the ServSafe things they've been learning about are about to become real! It also means they get two days to do their homework, which everyone is pretty excited about...

This week we did some role playing of Managers and Employees. They got random situations assigned and then paired up to go through them. Overall, we are training some pretty awesome future business runners!

Situation: Employee Demari cleaning a meat slicer without unplugging it first

"You could cut your fingers off!"

Situation: Employee Riley has been running late the last three days so the Manager needs to find out why

Manager David found out why and offered his employee some time off if he needed it

They took on one of the most challenging assignments: designing their own catering or mobile truck. They have to have three items that involve prep, follow any special laws for their unit, and cover the entire flow of food. We were blown away at the work these guys put in! It's a good sign for the things to come with the Nutrition presentations next month.

Who knew Riley could draw?! And he created an actual menu for his catered event!

Not pictured: the book Donnie wrote covering every single part of the flow of food for his father-son food cart

Make sure you check back next week so Demari can tell you about the first days in the kitchen!

Our next Information Session is coming up! June 18 at 12:00 at the bakery: 1708 Thierer Rd Madison WI 53704. If you are interested or even a little bit curious, come on by and learn about what we can offer! Call 608-598-0420 for more information!

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