Into the Kitchen!

"Phase two in the Just Bakery adventure has begun! While it was a slow start (due to maintenance issues), JB 40 is starting the transition into the kitchen this week. While we learn the intense details of making "the perfect dough", the real test is not only having patience but taking our minds and hearts into the whole process. We are in an entirely different atmosphere, and how we work together will ultimately show in the finished product.

It was fun to finally get our hands "dirty" and to dive right into the dough. It's amazing to see the process (and be a part of it) from beginning to finish. Our first project was tea cookies and cut-out cookies.

Still in the classroom for a few more weeks. We are pushing through ServSafe (final exam is next week!), and Nutrition is halfway completed.

Nutrition projects are underway, so, yes, we are super busy! To help retain some of what we're learning and make learning "fun" (learning IS fun, Robin!!), we played Nutrition Jeopardy and transformed into critters you wouldn't want to see in not just your kitchen at home, but definitely not in any foodservice kitchen (mice, rats, and roaches).

Due to the holiday, Sunday sales didn't happen this past weekend, but we are excited to get back to interacting with the public and introducing Just Bakery's tasty products!"


You can visit Robin this weekend at Good Shepherd Lutheran, or you can swing into our Storefront on Saturday and chat with Michelle!

We got Employment Intern, Patrick, into the kitchen for the first time this week too!

We know the holidays can be busy, so let us take some of the stress away! This year we have take and bake cut-out cookies for sale by the dozen- buy the dough and decorate them at home! We also finally got a galette on the menu: Apple Cardamom (nomnomnom) and we are going "extra" on the tea cookies: dipping in chocolate and decorating, in addition to the normal sprinkles! Place your orders today!

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