If you like it then you gotta put a lid on it...

"Wassup everybody. Me and my class really been rockin' in the kitchen with Sonja! It's such a great opportunity to be able to be apart of this program and work with these great people. It's actually motivating because I would've never thought of myself being a baker..now that I have the experience I love it! Literally everything me and my team bake looks and tastes so delicious. The almighty Sonja give us compliments left and right about how good we work! I like getting compliments and being recognized for the things I'm doing well- it puts a big fat smile on my face and then I get a little hyper!

Recently we made this loaded carrot cake. Man, I bet y'all ain't never had a carrot cake like the one we made. It's definitely award winning, and we need a round of applause ya hear me?!

In our regular class we've been doing a lot! And getting a lot done at the same time. Today we learned more in depth about discrimination and what laws in Wisconsin protect certain things from employment discrimination, so ya, that was pretty helpful. If you have applied for a job and its been three or more years past your last conviction, the job can't even consider your record as a factor to not hire you!

Guess who called me a star student today! The famous Jack-o-Lantern aka Jackie! I was so geeked I had to put it in the blog. That's all guys, holla at y'all later!"

And what Demari did not mention was that he enrolled in college yesterday! Woohoo! These guys have been working working working! Supervision test on Monday and Nutrition coming up in a week! They're going to do great- I'm not worried.

If you are interested in joining Just Bakery, our information session is coming up next Tuesday, June 18! It will be at 12:00 at 1708 Thierer Rd Madison, WI 53704. If you have any questions you can give us a call at 608-598-0420 or email Jackie at jaclyn@emum.org. Hope to see you Tuesday!

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Just Bakery is a part of Madison-area Urban Ministry. 
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