Happy Thanksgiving!!

Just Bakery can only exist with the support of our community and the trust of our participants. We appreciate every person who comes into our lives!

Our students trust us with some of their greatest struggles and darkest moments and trust that we will not judge them, and we are so thankful that we are able to work with and get to know them at such a deep level.

Our community is key in order for us to keep going- we are so grateful for the donations we receive of backpacks, school supplies, food, and everything else. And thank you for buying our goods! All the money we make from sales comes back to the program, and without those sales, we would not be able to do a lot of what we do! Thank you so much!

This week was a busy one for the students: JB 40 is working on Nutrition and coming to the end of ServSafe (only 4 more chapters to go!!!). They had ServSafe off-site unit presentations today (which is a big on the spot quiz of all things ServSafe) AND they had their midterm which is one of the most difficult tests we have since it is fill in the blank. But we also had some of the best scores on it, so they are awesome!

JB 39 GRADUATED!!! The final four finished off their final month being pie slayers with Sonja! They have been such a great group- worked great as a team and individually, which is impressive, and they didn't have any mistakes, which is even more impressive! They definitely got the Hireable stamp of approval!! Going to miss seeing their faces around here but so proud of the hard work they put in and excited to see what they go on to do!

And now for the craziness of the week..in pictures!!

First up: pies and prep!

And now, the Thanksgiving feast. Thank you again to all that donated! We love being able to have food for the students, staff, and to get to invite Porchlight staff over as well!

Thank you again for your continued support! Enjoy your pies!

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Just Bakery is a part of Madison-area Urban Ministry. 
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