Getting Deep with Reggie and Rose

"Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats are some, maybe all, of what a well oiled machine needs to pass the emissions test. (SWOT analyses are a great way to come up with goals for establishment's and even individuals- the key is being honest about each of the areas to really find what you can build on and where your potential problems are.)

Learning about foods that can potentially add extra years to your life is awesome! The power is all up to you! 2,000 calories a day can be achieved in several ways. (A key is eating a balanced, nutrient dense diet and getting exercise!) A balanced diet will always be a tremendous asset to your future.

Setting goals are also so familiar to creating a plan of action. Just make sure they are SMART!

We are learning so much that is awesome and intriguing to life, which at Just Bakery, is considered love. Time temperature control for safety is the recipe. The finished product is an example of what a great plan will do for anyone. Proper preparation prevents poor performance.

Monday, we were given our teachings from Carmella while Jaclyn was out. These two wonderful women who bring such a positive aura will and can motivate ANYONE! Rose and I both absorbed the curriculum and passed the Nutrition Midterm! (Very proud of these two- this is not an easy test and it's rare for people to pass right away!) Soon we will join the Elite Team of Just Bakery in the kitchen, where all the recipes come to life! Where all the delicious flavors become infused.

This was a wonderful week. Learning about business is the great part of Supervision, ServSafe, Nutrition, and Management (and soon to be Cost). All these different components go into making a great cookie."

-Reggie, with some assistance from Rose

It really has been a great week! Three weeks in and the students have found the flow- they are understanding the expectations, and really starting to bond with each other and the JB team. It helps that there is only one more week before kitchen time! Then they will get to break up the homework into two nights, which should be a great relief.

We had a visit from Troy, a JB 31 student! So happy to see him and hear he is doing well. It's always great to hear from and see previous students. We only spend a couple months together, but it really builds a relationship! Sonja thought he was hanging around a little too much, so put him to work while he was visiting!

Check back next week to keep posted about the group! They take their first of the official tests on Tuesday- stress level is high so keep them in your thoughts!

By the way, we are going to have an awesome event March 30 in the Storefront for Success: we are collaborating with Sassy Cow Creamery and they are designing an ice cream for us using some of our ingredients! We will be announcing the winning flavor (flavors were submitted by our Facebook followers) and we will be highlighting some of our spring menu. Make sure you come out! Storefront is open 8-4, the event will be 10-1!

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