Get it Crackin!

"Yo, yo,yoooo! Mari Marvv coming to you with the blog of the week! So let me just tell you guys a big secret to start off....masticate means "chew"! Now isn't that so amazing? I masticate all the "ugly" cookies and muffins that the bakers bring in the anyways...this week I really think me and my team made progress. We got Management almost done, working through ServSafe, and started Nutrition. Plus we all been doing fairly good on our quizzes.

I got an A- on my math quiz because I forgot to reduce a fraction more that was already reduced...I did pretty good for someone who hasn't been in school since 2010! Can I get an Amen to that?!?! Haha..nah though, I gotta give props to Jackie..she definitely is the real deal and is a great teacher! I actually listen to what she has to say and I'm a very stubborn person for real...Oh yeah and Jackie is bout that life....make her mad if you want to..the Jackie Chan gonna come out of we speak I am laughing so hard, it's hard to write.

I almost forgot! Every day I will be having a word of the day session. Basically, it's a time where I aka Mari Marvv teaches everybody about a certain term I use, because I like to randomly blurt out stuff in class and everybody seems to be interested in what I have to say...I think lol. The last three words were "preposterous", "appalled" and "crackin".

"You only have 14 days credited"-"What?! That's preposterous!"

Or, "So Demari, you didn't complete your homework, huh? Probably didn't pass your quiz either..." 2 minutes later Jackie finds out I did pass- "Awh so you though I didn't pass? I'm appalled!" (That's almost how the conversation went.....)

And last but not least, "We eating some pizza today?!? It's crackin!"

Jose from Madison College came to chat with the guys today about the process of college

To conclude this Mari Marvv blog, I would like to thank everybody that's helping me walk the right path...motivating me to get up every day and bring my behind to class and get some grade A learning. It's much appreciated! TTFN!"

-Mari Marvv (Demari)

Oh Demari...such a character. Week two has flown by, as it does. The guys are about to really get into it! First test Friday! Check back to see how it goes!

Washing hands is super important! We teach the students how AND have them do it!

David working up a lather scrubbing his hands 15-20 seconds before rinsing

Hand soap can also be a contaminant! Caleb is rinsing off all lingering bubbles!

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