From Dreaming to Doing

Happy Friday! So I'll start you off with some updates on JB 43 and then Sonja and Tom will talk about JB 42's kitchen experience!

Virtual classroom is a learning experience for all of us, but JB 43 has adjusted very quickly and are becoming Zoom experts! We are wrapping up with Management already- test is next week! So far the practice tests have gone very well- I know they are still nervous but I'm sure they are going to pass! Since this is a trauma group, we have Jan from Project Respect coming in each week to help our participants take some time to hang out and have fun in the moment! This week, she introduced us to a online magnetic poetry site which was a ton of fun! though we don't all get to hang in person, the team is really coming together.

Their workload is also increasing, so every day they get more excited for the kitchen portion where they can get their hands in the dough! Speaking of the kitchen portion, here is Sonja to tell you about the week!

"Second week and I’m so impressed with these guys. We started off the week making pans of brownies, which we will do again on Monday because Sassy Cow will be using OUR luscious and rich brownies in their brownie sundaes and have placed their first order. So exciting to partner with such a local treasure. This week the fellas also made a lot of chocolate chip cookie dough, they even learned how to use the cookie machine! Justin came in as we finished up a batch and schooled them on how to operate it. We had some big cookie orders again this week, so we are grateful to have homes for the hundreds of cookies we make. We had our last hurrah with rhubarb season and made lots more galettes, I even got my hands on some fresh mint which turned into mojito key lime pie. We were also treated to lunch many times this week, and were given lots of sandwich supplies and lunches for the future thanks to the generosity of several kind folks. Two more weeks in the kitchen, these guys are doing great! We move on to yeast doughs next week... and you know I have something up my sleeve with all the fresh strawberries right now! Thank you to all of our supporters that have been placing orders online for curbside pick up, it’s been a much needed boost to our sales. "

Thank you Sonja! And now for a student perspective from JB 42's own Tom!

"Hello again to all the Just Bakery blog viewers! Well, it has been another fun week at Just Bakery as we learn how to make chocolate chip cookie dough for commercial production on Monday- that was a chocolate blast! On Tuesday, we prepped the rhubarb for the Strawberry Rhubarb Galettes- man, we got some serious blisters chopping those 68 cups of rhubarb!!! We also made brownie dough. Wednesday was a little easier - we made more chocolate chip cookie dough for a big order for the protesters which was an honor. Thursday we prepped the strawberries for the galettes and made cream cheese frosting for the carrot cake orders on Saturday. It took everything in me not to eat any of it! Now Friday, we will finish up making the galletes. I wish rhubarb season would last a little bit longer so we could make rhubarb muffins!

We are also making some ice cream sandwiches with Sassy Cow ice cream for the first time!

Oh, almost forgot! We are also making Mojito Key Lime pies today! Sounds very yummy and I can't wait to try it!

Well, I think that's about it for this week- very challenging but worth every minute of the challenge!"

Thank you for all the community support! We have the wonderful challenge now of finding storage for all the fantastic backpacks we have received! It means so much for us- we have a lot of supplies for students so they need backpacks to hold it all! And it is so amazing to have so much for JB 42 to be baking for in the kitchen. Thank you so much- we couldn't do it without you!!!

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