Man, this week has flown by. Monday, we worked on mock interviews with a focus on Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). Students also had time to finish up their nutrition projects, despite issues with the printer. Here's a look at what we did on Tuesday!

On Wednesday, we finished off our nutrition test, this marks our final subject in the classroom as we move on to the Kitchen. There, we will use the knowledge and skills we learned in class! (like washing our hands after every task) Heres a look at Thursdays adventure!

Sadly, we had to postpone our nutrition presentations today as everyone is feeling under the weather and will be scheduled for November 7th.

Hey everyone, it's Zack the assistant teacher at Just Bakery reminding everyone that Saturday, November 2nd (aka Tomorrow) were having our culinary competition cook-off tickets are still available but, if you can't make it, our online auction is still live and can be accessed without attending.

Also, make sure to follow our Instagram and Facebook page for all the latest updates! We thank you guys for your continuous support have a great weekend and hope to see you at the competition GO JUST BAKERY!

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