Definition of Determination

Reggie is back at the blog this week!

" Tuesday was the annual MUM Luncheon; it was remarkable seeing how effective our program is. We heard speeches from Judge Paul Higginbotham, Judge Everett Mitchell, Linda Ketcham, Partners of Change award recipients Alex and Sinead from Short Stack Eatery, and our own Carmella Glenn, who exudes excellence. Sitting and eating lunch with the JB family was an awesome experience.

On Wednesday we had our Nutrition presentations that covered some very stimulating information about avocados and ginger. I talked about all the different health benefit of ginger and made ginger tea for the group (raw ginger steeped in hot water and added lemon and honey).

Here's Rose to tell you a bit about her presentation on avocados:

I did my presentation on the health benefits of avocados, where the avocado tree originated from (Spain), and I made a very simple guacamole dip served with tortilla chips so others could be able to sample and have an idea of the flavor of an avocado. Many people commented that they learned something new, like that avocados can help with mood, sleep, and appetite. People enjoyed the chips and guacamole as well. The nutrition values in avocados are so great, I would recommend everyone at least try an avocado and incorporate it into your diet.

Time has really flown by for the both of us. Cost, Management, ServSafe, Nutrition, and Supervision are the topics we covered. This experience will keep us ahead of the game on a lot of levels. In the kitchen, we learned a valuable lesson about communication: it is imperative when mixing ingredients! The banana bread didn't quite meet the Just Bakery standards (no one likes salty banana bread!), but we learn through trial and error.

The classroom education is over- now to kitchen where we will bake for the next month! Patience is a virtue, and all good things come to those who take the sacrifice and develop the science to get up, get out, and do something.

On behalf of the surviving two: We had a wonderful experience in the classroom. Thank you Jackie for believing in us and being a role model and teacher, and giving us your dedication. Also, we would like everyone to send your best wishes and prayers to one of the previous students who is now free, living life, and taking care of her son: Welcome home Shawnna! We are proud of you! Keep up the good work!

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