Butterflies with Different Colors: JB 38

"Hey You Guys and Gals, Ms.J and Rob Here:

Do you think this is JUST BAKERY! Well let me tell you: it's soooo much more! We have class time, there are great ice breakers, and getting to know classmates through team building games and exercises, also self-care and awareness.  We talk, We laugh, and We play!

Just Bakery is a window that needs to be opened to let all that it has to offer in, and all the potential each student has out.

In closing Our biggest motivation is the just bakery class, our inspiration is the class before us and our Destination is Certification! We are butterflies with different colors we all have a life story."

Thank you Ms. J and Rob with that lovely introduction! JB 38 started Monday and have had a busy week of team building and working on the first couple books. As per usual, our first blog of the new group involves some introductions written by the students so you can get to know who is in JB 38!

"Hello, my name is Derek. I'm 35 from Rio. My dad is a big part of my life and also my girlfriend is a motivation to do well. I came to Just Bakery to get further in life. I struggle with alcoholism. My joys in life include my dog, fishing, hunting, exploring food and the outdoors with my girlfriend. I see owning my own business someday. I want to be a caring, giving person by giving back to the community and also by being a great husband and father."

"My name is Nicole. I'm 36 years old. I live in Madison. I have two children: a boy and a girl. I'm excited about doing the Just Bakery program and furthering my career."

"My name is Bianca. I am 27 years old and grew up east side of Madison. My sister, Becki, and my boyfriend, Derek, are a big part of my life. I'm truly grateful for their unconditional love and support; they are my motivation to stay confident and be successful in Just Bakery. What motivated me to do Just Bakery is my love and passion I've always had for baking. My dream is to own my own bakery cafe one day. My joys in life are being in the great outdoors, music, food, and baking. I want to be successful, and a caring and loving wife."

Check back next week for introductions to the rest of the students!

Mr. Mari Marvv did not write a kitchen blog this week :( Here are some pictures from their new projects! We have Morning Glory muffins back in action and Sonja had Demari and Caleb do a trial batch of one of our new items: Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bread! I've thoroughly enjoyed being a taste tester this week between the amazing Orange Rolls on Wednesday and the bread today, and JB 38 is already learning the danger of being in a bakery: if you aren't already exercising, it's time to start XD

Thanks for reading!

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