Brownies, Pies, and Danishes: Oh My!

Week 3 has come and gone! JB 43 had their first test: Management! One book down, finished weights and measurements in math, ServSafe is a third of the way through, and they have started Nutrition! Everyone is ready for the fun part of getting into the kitchen soon!

To review measurement equivalencies before the quiz, we had a draw King Gallon competition!

Speaking of the kitchen, here is Tom to tell you how this week went!

"Well one more week down and only one more to go before graduating! On Monday, we made three sheets of brownies for Sassy Cow and some straight dough on Tuesday for the danish special this weekend, as well as taste testing and perfecting the strawberry filling. On Wednesday, we made cream cheese filling and cut strawberries for strawberry cream cheese pies. We also made the pie crusts for the Mojito Key Lime pies (which we may do for one more week since people are enjoying them so much- if you haven't got to order one yet, make sure you get it in next week!) and the Strawberry pie. Finally, we made Cranberry Oatmeal cookie dough.

I'm nervous and excited for next week but I'll tell you more about that next week! Hope to see you Saturday picking up your treats!"

And now for Sonja:

"Here we are, end of our third week. JB 42 only has one more week with me, and it’s always bittersweet. These guys are doing so great, team players that show up and work hard, every single day. This week has been fun, we started off the week making brownies in bulk for Sassy Cow, as they are now using Just Bakery brownies for their sundaes.

We also make danish dough, which is a laminated dough. Layers of butter and sweet yeast dough make our danishes some of the best around (I’m not biased or anything). I taught the students how to become Danish “snobs” by being able to recognize a real laminated dough compared to a mix that some bakeries use to save time. The real deal is the BEST. We also played around with the different shapes and discussed Kringles, a Wisconsin tradition, made with danish dough. They learned all the hard work and patience that goes into making it, and they both did a great job with theirs, probably made a couple new muscles too.  We made lots of cookies for Juneteenth rally, lots of pies for the weekend, and yummy ice cream sandwiches. These fellas are putting together their recipes for their final project next week where they will prepare and present us with a recipe using what they’ve learned in the kitchen, I look forward to eating it! 

Join us this Wednesday for our Partners for Change Luncheon online! MUM has some very exciting changes to announce!!! Plus you'll get to learn what the organization has been up to this past year and have an opportunity to donate to help us keep all of our amazing programs going on!

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