Before the Wrong Path Chooses You

JB 38 had their first week in the kitchen!!! They've been a bit more tired this week with the manual labor, but overall they seem to appreciate the change of pace and hands-on portion! First day is an overview of the kitchen, a review of measurements, getting to know equipment, and some baker's science. The second day they got in there are learned how to make our fantastic cranberry oatmeal cookies! Ms. J says she is not a fan of scooping and is impressed with the speed Demari was scooping and blown away by how fast Tyrees can scoop!

Speaking of Mr. Mari Marvv, today was his official last day with us. He had completed the program a couple weeks ago but wanted to continue to volunteer with us until his release. He wrote up a final blog for your enjoyment!

"What's good y'all? That boy Mari Marvv is coming to you live with one last blog. Its really been a long ride but we made it! To be honest, when I first started this program, I didn't plan on staying for the long run...then I realized that stepping out of that comfort zone and doing something you usually would never do is a step to success! What other program do you know that gets you ServSafe certfified for free and 12 college credits with no charge? None! Plus the staff here are amazing. Big ups to Jackie, Carmella, Sonja, and Tyrees for supporting me and helping me be a better version of me. I really appreciate it. I don't run into people who wanna see me on the right path that much, so when i do, I cherish it. This program taught me a lot of things I that I didn't know about myself. It gave me resources that I could use to my advantage and kept pushing me to go hard. If you knew me in the streets, never in a million years would you think I would be doing Just Bakery. Truth is, the streets will be there forever, we won't. So I had to man up and choose the right path before the wrong one chose me. Oh ya, by the way, ya boy graduated the program and got that ServSafe certificate. I also will be attending Madison College this fall thanks to my teachers. Ima miss y'all, I'll be popping up from time to time though! It's been real, peace out.

-Mari Marvv"

It's going to be so quiet around here without him but we're all very proud in what he's accomplished and learned through this program!

Demari on his first days, on to his last where he made our Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Zucchini bread from start to finish all by himself!

We are also saying goodbye to one of our summer interns today: Yukai. He's excited to start his summer vacation finally and learned a lot from our program. He had the normal hesitation of working directly with folks who are currently incarcerated, but right from the start realized that they're all just regular people who made a mistake and they weren't like the tv shows would lead him to believe! I'm glad he was able to get that experience with us- it's a lesson lots of people need to learn! He had the special treat of learning about a "Jailhouse Burrito". Chef Nickey whipped one up for class this week- I've had lots of students talk about them but this was the first time someone actually made us one! I was surprised at how tasty it actually was and now understand the appeal!

We also talked about pests in ServSafe and got to pull out the new masks- I probably enjoyed it more than the students but I still consider it a success! We also finished the Nutrition book today so you know what that means: another test is coming! The classroom time is winding down! Two more chapters in ServSafe, three more in Cost, and three more in Supervision! Where has the time gone??!

Are you or someone you know negatively impacted by trauma you've experienced? Does it interfere with your ability to find and hold down a job? Our next cohort may be for you! We are running another trauma-informed cohort this September. The curriculum has been cut down to Management, Nutrition, and ServSafe as well as baker's math and the kitchen. We will be working on dealing with trauma and building tool boxes with coping mechanisms and skills to lessen the impact of trauma, while also providing 7 credits towards Madison College and those resume building certificates and skills! Due to a special grant, this will be a paid cohort. We will also have other supportive services: transportation, child care, peer specialists, and food. If you are interested, mark August 20 down on your calendar. It is imperative that any potential students attend this information session! It will be 12:00-3:00. If you have any questions you can call us at 608-598-0420.

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