Another Week in the Books

First things first, congratulations are in order for JB 37's graduating two: Caleb and Demari! Today they finished their required kitchen time and that in addition to their certificates earned finish their required time with us. Caleb will be utilizing his gained skills to find better employment and is going on to culinary school at Madison College this fall!

Demari will be continuing to volunteer with us to keep working on his skills and possibly gaining some additional ones, and is also going on to culinary school at Madison College this fall! We are so proud of the hard work these guys put in and the success they have achieved!

A note from Sonja:

"Well...that's a wrap. I have to comment on what a pleasure it was having Demari and Caleb as students. They were incredible. They always worked as a team, always had great attitudes, and made me feel like the best instructor in the world because they did such a great job. In all the many items we made, all but one were flawless. I am so proud of them and what they proud! I'm sad to see them leave, but I'm excited for their future endeavors. Good luck you two!"

Left: Caleb and Demari making orange rolls Right: Caleb proud of the sourdough he made from start to finish!

In the classroom this week, JB 38 took their first exam: Management! One less book to carry just in time for the last book (and everyone's favorite), Controlling Foodservice Costs, to be introduced!

We have gotten through the first half of Nutrition which is very scientific and talks about the basics of Nutrition. This includes the components (carbs, proteins, lipids, vitamins, minerals) and also covers the nutrition label. They took their midterm to test their understanding and overall, it wasn't too bad! Now we are into the second half which covers more the business side: adapting recipes, marketing, nutrition programs and why they can be beneficial, and more!

Reviewing Nutrition with Digestion Dave and a little Jeopardy

In ServSafe they have also met the halfway point. They are into the flow of food (how food moves through restaurants and how to protect it through all the steps). So far they have covered purchasing, receiving, storing, thawing, prepping, heating and cooling. Next up will be service and special units.

One more week and JB 38 will finally enter the kitchen! The second month has a lot of benefits: hands-on fun learning commercial baking, and two days to finish homework instead of one!

Comparing different training types by making fortune-tellers for Supervision

An update on our youth cohort: the final students are wrapping up their JB time! They've learned a lot of our delicious products and are probably driving everyone nuts with their ServSafe knowledge! They graduate next week Thursday!

My adventures in baking continue: made tea cookies and used our friendly building cohabitor's amazing jam for the center! Also everyone is just thrilled to see me doing manual labor: "I thought they'd at least give you a break on the cleaning!" No such luck...

Interested in Just Bakery but not sure if it's right for you? Come to our next Information Session, August 20! Our next cohort will be a trauma-informed version focused on those people who have been impacted by trauma in their life and are ready to talk about it and try to work through it. The curriculum will be Management, Nutrition, ServSafe, and Baker's Math. This cohort will receive a stipend through a special fund we have received. If you would like more information, call us at 608-598-0420 and if you are interested, join us for the info session at 1708 Thierer Rd Madison, WI 53704. It will start at 12:00! The first day of class will be Friday, September 6.

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