Week Two is Done!

This week started strong. The students are flying through Management- only two chapters left! This will be the first test they take in two weeks and that's always a bit nerve wracking as they learn what the tests are really like.

They've had a heavy ServSafe week as well, talking about the different types of contaminants, how food handlers can contaminate food, proper handwashing, and an intro to the flow of food.

The third book was started this week: Nutrition! Nutrition is one of those subjects that seems like it will be easy and always turns out to be a little more complicated than expected, so we take it slow and use PowerPoint presentations with videos and pictures to make it more interesting. We also had tutor Eve in for the first time this week to go over Nutrition a little bit more. So far we have covered an intro to the components, digestion, and food labeling. Got to break out Digestion Dave for the first time! Thanks again to Kole for drawing him!

Digestion Dave!

Jan from Project Respect came in to work with the group. She taught them about trauma and the effects it can have on thought processes, responses, and how those can impact a lot of areas in life. She, of course, brought in some fancy fidgets for the group!

Our adviser from Madison College came in today to talk to the students about the potential to use the earned certificates here for college credits and gave them an opportunity to ask questions. Shawnna from JB 35 officially applied, so think happy thoughts for her!

The kitchen is in full swing with JB 35 continuing their hands-on commercial baking experience! Sonja has taken over instruction and is figuring out the ins and outs with that. They made some loaded carrot cakes with pineapple, walnuts, and coconut slathered in cream cheese frosting (I couldn't resist purchasing one and cannot wait to dig in!) They continue mastering their cookie skills, and worked with some of the chocolate biscottis and sourdough breads earlier this week.

The third weeks tends to be the most difficult- students are tired after weeks of homework, we move into the testing phase for some while still learning others, and of course, Cost is approaching which is always scary! We're going to keep working on fractions, decimals, and percentages before we get there to make sure everyone is ready to do some math!

Did you submit a name and flavor idea for our collaboration with Sassy Cow Creamery? The winner will be announced at the Storefront for Success, Saturday, March 30 at 12:00! We will have ice cream sandwiches available for purchase (we're taking over the cookies for them!) as well as a bunch of our other tasty treats, and the winner of the ice cream flavor competition will receive a 5 qt container of the new ice cream! We will be open our regular Saturday hours 8:00-4:00 at 1704 Thierer Rd. Mark your calendars!

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