A Test Already?!

It is the end of week 3 with JB 37 and it has been a packed week!

Nutrition is in full swing- the first half of the book is the basics of Nutrition (components like carbs, proteins, lipids, vitamins, and minerals) with discussions of digestion and food labels. It's definitely a science, and the students are fighting their way through to get all the information packed away. The good news is, the first half is done and now we get to learn about the business side of Nutrition in a restaurant: cooking healthy recipes, adapting recipes, and implementing Nutrition programs. They are also going to start thinking about potential topics for the Nutrition presentations at the end of next month!

Good ol' Digestion Dave helping the students review the digestion process!

Management is officially over! That is one book down (just in time for the final book to be handed out: Cost). The students took their tests today and they can officially leave that book out of the backpacks!

Caleb is very happy he passed his first test!

We are working our way through Supervision which is really in-depth Management. Many of the topics that we covered in Management are also covered in Supervision, but the books go into a lot more detail, especially on things like the laws around labor. We will be having special guests come in next month to talk to the students a bit more about these laws, with the focus on learning about discrimination based on previous convictions: what are their rights and what should they do if those rights have been violated. It is extremely important to know not only what constitutes as discrimination, but also what to do if it's happening.

There's always a lot happening! Chris is doing his marketing internship with us while in the background we're reviewing Supervision

ServSafe is coming along nicely. The students will have the long weekend to catch up on their readings and also to start planning their Mobile or Catering presentation. These presentations work on a couple levels: they help the students review the flow of food (a huge part of the test and the information they will need to know to serve food safely) and also what kind of things go into owning a food truck or foodservice business (which is a dream of many of the students). They're also fun! They get to design a menu, name their business, and really work out all the potentials things that could come up.

Shamany, one of our wonderful interns, is getting more comfortable doing case management!

Our Storefront for Success will be open Saturday 8:00-2:00 this weekend. It's supposed to be nice so it's a great opportunity to try our ice cream sandwiches! We also sell Sassy Cow by the pint!

And, you've asked and we're trying out recipes! Rye bread! We're working on it!

Rye bread in the proofer- still in the works but keep an eye out!

Make sure to check back next week to see the ServSafe presentations!

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